MouldLife Ultalease EXP, Mould Release Spray

MouldLife Ultalease EXP, Mould Release Spray

Ultralease EPX is a semi-permanent, solvent-based mold release formulated expressly for epoxy and thermoset resins and plastics. Rapid cure at room temperature provides a micro-thin, film-forming parting film that will not inhibit post-mold operations. Seals and protects your mold without build-up or contaminating transfer. Contains NO Chlorinated Solvents, NO Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Substances.

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Epoxy Parfilm is recommended for epoxy resins. Its highly effective, micro-thin, film-forming application offers a better release than polyvinyl alcohol or wax. Its micro-thin film maintains the fidelity of the cast piece and affords better surface reproduction and finish. Heat stable to 635°F. An excellent mold release for removing epoxy parts out of molds. Also useful for removing silicone encapsulated appliances out of molds. Paintable mold release.

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