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Paris Berlin Le Teint Lissant

Paris Berlin Le Teint Lissant

29,00 € Preis

Flüssigfoundation von Paris Berlin, die ein traumhaft ebenmäßiges, weichgezeichnetes Hautbild zaubert. Mattes Finish, langanhaltend und HD tauglich.

Paris Berlin Le Calligraphe

Paris Berlin Le Calligraphe

12,90 € Preis

Le Calligraphe is an ultra-precise liquid eyeliner with a super-fine-tipped applicator. This highly pigmented liquid eyeliner delivers vibrant, rich color payoff for impressive wear every time. The smudge-proof formula can weather heat, high humidity, tears an long nights.

Paraben free.

Paris Berlin Brown Definition

Paris Berlin Brow Definition

10,90 € Preis

An extra precise and firm brow liner dedicated to draw the brow with natural finish. Good coverage. Wax based. Waterproof formula. Parabens free.

Paris Berlin Mascara Black Proof

Paris Berlin Mascara Black...

15,90 € Preis

Le Mascara Blackproof is absolutely smudge and waterproof wear. The very creamy formula contains polymer/wax combination to curl and lenght fast for an exceptional 3-D effect. It lasts through rain, sweat, humidity and tears. Easy to remove.